H. Embedding Figures and Tables into book content

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How to add in a Figure to the chapter

Step 1: Copy and paste a table from a pre-existing document

  • On the Author menu, click on the "Media" option.
  • Click on the "Add table" option.
  • Set a title for your table, preferrably something unique and searchable, without specifying its sequence in the text (eg. "Table 1").
  • Write the full heading of the table as it will appear in the Chapter text (over the table) in the "Table Caption" field.
  • In your local document, locate the table to be uploaded.
  • Highlight the table and copy (this copies it to your clipboard).
  • Select the clipboard icon with a “W” on it to ‘Paste from Word.’ Click this icon and a box will appear.

  • In the box, paste the table you copied from your word file by pressing ‘Ctrl/Cmd’ and ‘V’ on the keyboard at the same time or by right clicking and selecting paste. 

  • Table will appear in the text as it is in the preview box. After making an necessary adjustments, click ‘OK’.
  • See Section ‘H: How to add a Reference’ for instructions on how to add in references to the table

Step 2: Table formatting

  • (Optional) If the table is still malformatted after copy-and-pasting it, you can select it by dragging the mouse all over it in the editor and clicking on the Tx button on the toolbar above. This will remove all custom formatting done by the authors.  
  • To make sure that the table is responsive and formatted according to the website rules, right-click on any cell and select "Table Properties". In the box that appears, make sure to select which of the table rows or columns can be marked as "table headings". Usually, it's "First row". After selecting this and clicking on OK, you can verify that table formatting has now changed.


  • Another way to define Table headings is by selecting table cells, then right-clicking on them > Cell > Cell Properties > Cell type > Header.
  • (Optional) If the table is overly long or lengthy, make sure to check the "Convert to Data Table" option on the same window. This will allow users -when viewing the table- to page its data, sort according to specific columns or even search within the data of the table.

How to add in a Figure to the chapter

  • To add a table or figure into your chapter, the figure must be uploaded to the website. Follow the directions in Section ‘E: How to upload Media’ to upload a figure or image to the GWPP website.
  • After you have uploaded your figure, go to the chapter you would like to edit.
  • Click ‘Edit Draft’. In the ‘Body’ section, place the cursor in the place in the chapter you would like the figure added.
  • In the first row of the editing tools,  click on the ‘Embed Image’ icon (icon that appears as a graph)




  • In the window that opens, you can search for the image by the title (given when media was uploaded, see Section ‘E’) or select it from the list of images below the search box.
  • Once you have selected an image, click ‘Ok’.




  • After clicking ‘Ok’, you will be returned to the editing screen. The inserted image will appear as [[nid: xxx ]] in the location of the text where the image or figure will appear.




  • Click ‘Preview’ at the bottom of the page to view the figure and its placement before saving the revision. 




  • Click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page to save the revision.