New PhD's

Matthew Verbyla (Indicator and Microbial Source Tracking Markers Team, Sanitation and Disinfection Technologies Team) and Sihem Jebri (Indicators and Microbial Source Tracking Markers Team) both successfully defended their respective dissertations within the last month.
Sihem studied at the Center National des Sciences et technologies Nucleaires in Tunis Tunisia; her dissertation topic was ”Recherche et caractérisation des bactériophages isolés à partir des eaux usées traitées par des procédés biologiques” (Research and characterization of bacteriophages isolated from treated wastewater by biological processes). Matthew completed his studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida United States. His research topic was “Pathogen Removal in Natural Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Systems: Solutions for Small Cities in an Urbanizing World”
The GWPP is proud to recognize both scholars, who are in the early stages of their careers, contributing to and providing their unique perspective and expertise to chapters in the Indicators and Microbial Source Track Markers and Sanitation and Disinfection Technologies sections.  The GWPP congratulates you.


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