K2P Tools Workshop #3 - still time to register

There is still time to register K2P Tools Training Workshop #3! This will be the last September workshop on new tools to support sanitation decision planners. This virtual workshop will take place on Wednesday, September 30th. Please contact Melissa Downs at downsmel@msu.edu to register.

The workshop will begin at 4:30PM Eastern Africa Time (EAT). I have also included additional time zone information below for your reference.

Time Zone Location Local Time
PDT California 6:30AM
WAT Cameroon 3:30PM
CET Paris 3:30PM
EAT Kampala 4:30PM
IST India 7:00PM

Prior to the start of the workshop you are welcome to tryout the tools and view the introduction videos. Please note this version of the tools is still in development mode.

Training Videos (You will need to download each video before you can view. These will also be loaded to the GWPP website soon)


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