GWPP Water-K2P: Translating knowledge to practice for safe sanitation

What is next for the GWPP?

The Global Water Pathogen Project (GWPP) is nearly complete! For the rest of 2018 our team will be working to publish the remaining chapters of the GWPP while also transitioning to the next phase of the project: Water-K2P. Our GWPP user community can expect photos and videos about the progress of the Water-K2P project and updates to the look and functions of the website.

What is Water-K2P?

The Water Pathogen Knowledge to Practice (Water-K2P) project will support water and sanitation safety planners in using an evidence-based approach for managing health outcomes by improving access to scientific data on the efficacy of sanitation technologies and the occurrence and persistence of pathogens in human excreta and sewage. We will establish a coalition of national and local stakeholders in Uganda as our first partners and develop analytical Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools for estimating loads of waterborne pathogens, selecting sanitation technologies to ultimately help support decision-making for safe sanitation. This project will accomplish these tasks by leveraging the open access knowledge resources generated by the Global Water Pathogen Project (GWPP) (

The project will first be implemented through case studies at the national scale in Uganda to evaluate the ability of the tools to be transferred from one context to another. The project is interested in promoting a scientific community that supports open and fair access to scientific data on WASH interventions and their efficacy in support of the sustainable development agenda.

You can follow the Water-K2P project progress on our website at


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