D. Uploading Content

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D. Uploading a Summary and Chapter 

  • To upload content to the site, open the document in a word processing program (Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc
  • Once logged in on http://waterpathogens.org/, open the chapter where you are adding content to (summary section or body section).
  • If the chapter is currently in draft state, click on the "Edit draft" option. Otherwise, click on the "New draft" option to start a new working version of the chapter, either it contains content or not. 
  • Paste the content from your word processing program into the appropriate area (Summary or Body). THIS MUST BE CLICKED PRIOR TO CUTTING AND PASTING.
  • Copy the content from your word processing program using copy/paste to enter the content.
  • Click “Save” at the bottom of the page to save your revisions.
    • After transferring your content, check and ensure that the formatting of your text has not changed. Please see Author’s Guidelines for description of required formatting.